Cookies Policy

Cookies are files sent to the browser by a web server for the purpose of recording the user activities during their time surfing the website. Thanks to cookies, it is possible for the server to recognize a user’s browser as a previous visitor, allowing users who have signed up previously to access the site without having to re-register at every visit. They are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters, monitor progress and the number of entries, share links to social media, enable access to personal user accounts, etc. The purpose of using cookies is to adapt the contents of this website to your profile and particular needs. Without cookies, the services offered by websites would be significantly poorer in terms of quality.

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, we will explain in detail how we use cookies at this website so that you are informed with the maximum level of accuracy.

The various sections of this article are assembled in the following table of contents.

What types of cookies do we use?

This website uses the following first-party cookies:

  • Session cookies (temporary): This type of cookies are designed to guarantee that the users who write on this website are humans and not robots or automated applications. This helps us prevent spammers.

This website uses the following third-party cookies:

  • Google Analytics: Used to quantify the number of users and thus perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made ​​by users of the service offered. By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about yourself by Google. The data that the cookie generates in regards to your use of the website (including the user’s IP address) is transmitted and stored directly by Google on servers in the United States of America. Google agrees not to share this information with third parties, except when it is required for the proper functioning of the system, or in cases where doing so os required by law. According to Google, they will never save your IP address. Google Inc. is a company that participates in the “safe harbor” arrangement to guarantee that all data transferred will be treated will the level of protection required by European policies. Read more here.
  • Social media: They are necessary to enable external social networks, so that the user can click on buttons such as Like or Share. This site uses the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Moreover, these social media use cookies to develop remarketing campaigns, that is, each social media creates a type of mark on each webpage that the User visits to offer personalized ads or ads that match his/her interests later.

This website uses the following advertising cookies:

  • Google AdWords remarketing: This tools allows for the publication of ads based on previous user visits to our website in the Google content network. To this end, the webpages of our website contain a remarketing code or tag that configures cookies in order to determine the type of ad the user will see according to the usage he or she has made of the Website. Remarketing lists are stored on Google servers, where all IDs of cookies associated to each list or category are kept. As regards remarketing cookies, users can disable the use of Google cookies by visiting the following webpage:
  • Facebook remarketing tool: Also, Facebook can show you information about a site you have just visited. Facebook storages cookies in servers located in the United States of America, and they are committed not to sharing them with third parties, except in those cases where it is required to make the system work, or when required by the law to the same purpose. Learn more here.

How to disable or clear cookies

You can allow, block or remove the cookies that are set on your computer by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.

Below you can find quick guides to setting your cookies preferences on the major browsers:

Additional remarks

  • Neither this site nor its legal representatives shall be held liable for the contents and the truthfulness of the cookies policies of third-parties mentioned herein.
  • Web browsers are tools used to store cookies, and you have the right to clear or disable them from this site. Neither this site nor its legal representatives can guarantee the right or wrong usage of cookies by the web browsers mentioned above.
  • In some cases, the user has to accept cookies so that the web browser remembers the user’s decision not to accept the cookies in a site.
  • Should you have any doubt or query regarding the use of cookies, do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact section.

Network Advertising ORG

Cookies are not harmful for files or allow people to access your personal information; they just allow us to personalize information and advertising spaces that we show to improve your experience as a user. We can share statistics of common use of the site (and not individual use) as well as demographic information with advertisers and other third parties, but these data do not include any kind of identifying information. Data management practices are subject to checks for compliance by the NAI.