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DCIP Consulting manages Reproducción Asistida ORG and inviTRA, leading communication media for patients with infertility issues.

Tourism, Cities & City Planning

We manage the leading projects of multiple fields, including tourism (ViajeJet), travel destinations ( and, and urban planning (

Editorial & Technical Quality

We work and collaborate with the world’s best doctors, technicians, and specialists in their area to offer you a high-quality technical and editorial online infrastructure.

Medical & Human Fertility Projects

An overview of the different medical projects specialized in Reproductive Medicine
Reproducción Asistida ORG is currently the leading online magazine and support community in Spanish in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and human fertility. After several years of experience, Reproducción Asistida ORG is the global reference project for Spanish-speaking patients around the world. It has a Forum where you can post any comment you wish or create a new thread to have your doubts answered by a fertility specialist. [See More]
inviTRA is a web portal and support community in English, Catalan and French where you can find information about Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), as well as related topics related to human fertility and pregnancy. The purpose of this project is mainly to inform our readers about all aspects related to ART. It has, additionally, a Discussion Forum where users can post comments and share any concern they may have related to their fertility treatment. [See More]
ViajeJet is, currently, one of the most popular blogs about travel and cultural information in Spain. In this online project, readers will find interesting articles accompanied by full resolution pictures showing cities, places of interest, regional costumes and dances… Moreover, one can find detailed information about the necessary travel documents and requirements to be met to travel around the world. [See More]
Dé is the leading online news portal in the city of Denia, located in the Valencian Community, Spain. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of covering the needs of local readers and tourists who visit the city of Denia, one of the most visited cities in the Mediterranean coastline. In short, at Dé you will find the latest news about this port city, as well as a varied range of up-to-date information. [See More]
Já is the most popular online news portal in the city of Xàbia or Jávea, located in the Valencian Community, Spain. Since its foundation in 2013, this project has been the main source of information for both local and foreign readers, as they can find the latest news and info about this coastal town. Besides the news section, users can find a wide range of recommended places for going shopping, restaurants and pubs, accommodation, and much more. [See more] is one of the leading online portals in the fields of city planning and architecture in Spain. The project focuses fundamentally on the spreading of ideas, comments, and material information shared by users, typically related to the fields of economy, engineering, environment… The goal of is to offer up-to-date information about the latest advancements of this industry. To sum up, here you can find high-quality, trustworthy, and impartial information.[See more]
Ovodonante is an online project and community specializing in the field of egg donation. It aims to provide help to both girls who want to become egg donors and ART patients who need to use donor eggs for their IVF treatment to be successful. As a magazine, Ovodonante’s purpose is to help potential egg donors and future recipients, so that they have all the necessary information about this fertility option at hand. [See More]