PMA fertilité

PMA fertilité is an international support community for French-speaking IVF and fertility treatment patients who are considering undergoing a treatment to have a baby.

The project is divided into various sections. Firstly, our fertility specialists create general posts about infertility treatments and other related topics on a regular basis. These publications can be classified into two primary areas: One focusing on infertility and fertility issues in males and females and the most suitable treatments for each case, and the other one specializing in egg donation. Our users have the chance to get an overview about the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
thanks to this varied range high-quality articles, which include graphic illustrations and videos to allow our readers to understand the steps involved in each fertility treatment in spite of not being experts in the field. By doing this, childless patients can have all the information about ART they may need before even getting started.

Secondly, millions of users have joined our community, which today is the largest for French-speaking users across the Internet. Its members are active users in our Discussion Forums and post comments on articles on a regular basis. Every question is answered by our specialists as soon as possible.

Finally, PMA fertilité has a Form that allows users to get in touch with international fertility clinics located in a wide range of countries. After submitting their questionnaire, patients will get a personalized cost estimate from various clinics that collaborate with us according to their situation, and the particular treatment required in each case.

PMA fertilité