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Reproducción Asistida ORG is an online magazine and community that focuses on human reproduction and fertility treatments and is aimed to Spanish speakers worldwide. is divided into various sections. Firstly, a wide range of scientific articles where our fertility specialists share information of outmost importance, so the percentage of our readership that suffers from infertility can gather as much information as possible on the different options available nowadays for them to have a baby. Secondly, our community is split into the threads in our forum, and the comments they post on our various articles. Finally, we have a section where readers can find a number of discount coupons: thanks to agreements made with different fertility clinics, they can get special offers for the fertility treatment that best fits their needs.

Also, we have created a section devoted to international patients who are interested in traveling to Spain for fertility treatment. Thanks to our expert, you will be offered special packs adapted to your own situation at reduced cost. The aim is that you get started with the journey toward pregnancy while you enjoy the excellent climate of Spain. Get more info (in Spanish): Patients from other countries.

Currently, our project has over 1,000,000 monthly visitors, and more than 30,000 followers on social media. Moreover, our forum has a total amount of 13,000 threads, and we offer hundreds of discounts for multiple fertility clinics located in Spain.

Reproducción Asistida ORG