Our project is focused mainly on the fields of city planning and architecture, especially the dissemination of ideas and comments posted by our readership in relation to engineering, economy, law, the environment, etc.

As one can see by accessing the website, it is a dynamic place that allows us to keep it up-to-date on a daily basis, while we monitor the latest events that take place in this field and other areas related to it. By doing this, we can share high-quality news in real time.

Currently, in Spain, the field of city planning, as well as the real state sector, are two basic pillars for the country's economy. For this reason, our readers look for trustful, up-to-date information, with high-quality standards. These are the reasons why one of our priorities is to share new information every day.

Our success depends to a great extent on the contributions made by our users by posting comments on articles, which in many cases are send by our readers themselves. We invite you to join our community by getting involved in, either in exchange for advertisements or via special offers or mentions. Any sort of article or work you may wish to have published can be sent through our Contact section.

Our editorial policy is based mainly on the impartiality of our team, that is to say, we do not write in favor of a particular political, economical, religious, or technical option. What we want is for us to become a meeting point for the city planning sector in general, so we cannot but ask for respect toward any opinion or point of view.